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Cod and cockles with mash, asparagus and spinach with crumble, white wine sauce and parsley oil

A dish by La Bouffee

arrowIngredients for 4 persons:

arrowDo it yourself:

Wash a cod fillet and pat dry. Cover it with coarse salt for 15 minutes, rinse and pat dry again. Bake together with lemon thyme and drizzle the released gravy over the fillet until it is tender.

Peel the asparagus. Remove a stock from the skins. Cook the asparagus in the broth and cook in three to four minutes. Then grill briefly until it is golden brown.

Melt spinach in good butter with a shallot. Season with pepper and salt.

Wash the cockles thoroughly in salt water until all sand is removed. Briefly bring to the boil in white wine, along with garlic and thyme.

Cutter lemongrass, a lime leaf and some cashew nuts until a mixture. Bake in a non-stick pan.

White wine sauce
Stew a shallot with fennel, fennel seeds and the white of a leek. Moisten with white wine. Reduce 1/3 and moisten with cream. Season with salt and pepper. Sift the sauce and mix in a little cold butter.

Potato purree
Cook potatoes in half cream and half milk until tender. Drain, puree and mix with the cooking liquid until smooth. Put the puree in a piping bag.

Parsley oil
Cutter a bunch of parsley and mix with 200 ml of olive oil. Pour through a fine strainer.

Decorate it nicely on a plate and finish with watercress.

arrowAbout La Bouffee (Gastronomic restaurant):

Relax in the small, cozy restaurant La Bouffée in Damme. Daily fresh products are the basis with which the chef turns every plate into a culinary highlight. A must for bon vivants!

Kerkstraat 26
8340 Damme

View Here the horecagids-page of La Bouffee for more informations

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