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Bart Biebauw - wild duck

Wild duck with baked celeriac, oyster mushroom, orange and carrot ointment

A dish by Bart Biebauw

arrowIngredients for 4 persons:

12 Fillets of young, wild duck

Carrot puree
1 kg of young carrots
1 dl cream
100 g of butter
2 egg yolks
pepper and salt

0.5 liters of fresh orange juice
200 grams of sugar
100 ml raspberry vinegar
0.5 liter brown stock
1 cinnamon stick
1 star anise
3 cloves
1 vanilla pod
knob of butter

1 celeriac
1/2 lemon
2 cloves of crushed garlic
500 g oyster mushroom
20 grams of finely chopped chives
knob of butter
4 oranges à vif and dress each plate with 2 slices.

arrowDo it yourself:

Make a caramel of the sugar, add some water to prevent burning, add all the spices and let it cook briefly in the caramel, extinguish with the vinegar, orange juice and the brown stock. Simmer for 30 minutes and strain. Assemble with a knob of butter and mix briefly.

carrot puree
Blanch the carrot, cook in salted water, drain and puree in the thermomix. Smooth the puree with the cream, butter and egg yolks. Season well.

Fry the duck fillet briefly and season with pepper, salt and until cooked low. Let everything rest under aluminum foil. Cut the fillets into slices. Fried celeriac and oyster mushroom Cut the celeriac into beautiful cubes and sprinkle with some lemon juice. Remove the hard stalks from the oyster mushrooms, pull the mushrooms into pieces and brown the butter in a pan. Fry the celeriac and the mushrooms briefly. Add the garlic and chives at the end. Cut the oranges à vif *.

* à vif: when you have to cut fruit à vif, it is mainly to cut the skin off the flesh in a structured way. You start by cutting off the top and bottom of your fruit, so that your object stays firmly on the table. Then take a sharp knife and cut the skin from top to bottom. Always try to place the knife just behind the skin and follow the shape of your fruit. After removing the peel, take the fruit in your hands and make one grain per slice of fruit (there is usually a membrane between the different pieces, go along with a sharp knife) so that the pieces of fruit come loose nicely.

arrowAbout Bart Biebauw (Catering - Chef at home):

With 15 years of experience, every party with Bart Biebauw becomes a success. From company parties to colossal wedding parties up to 1000 people, together with his team, he takes care of every detail. You can also rely on Bart’s knowledge for domestic dinners from 12 people. He brings honest flavors with a refreshing touch, French influences and charming dynamics to the table.

Kruisstraat 11a
8020 Hertsberge

View Here the horecagids-page of Bart Biebauw for more informations

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